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Recent ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, Security/Attacks, Encoding

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Stackoverflow Recent (21st Aug 2011) Questions with Answers – ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, Security/Attacks, Encoding:

See the Q&A item on Stackoverflow for full details and additional answers.  Comments/questions should also be directed to the linked page.

Razor MVC partial view cannot find end of code blocks and LI tags

I have a partial view that is not rendering:

The designer is telling me the foreach(Dress d in Model) is missing a closing character “}” the foreach(Picture p in d.Pictures) is missing a closing character “}” and the LI item is not closed
[see question on stackoverflow for code]

Mystere Man: Take out hte extra braces, also you have an extra quote in the alt attribute of the img tag, which is probably what is causing your unclosed tag problem. Read More »