Php Programming & Scripting Resources

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Php classes, scrips and other resources for programming and developing using Php.

Php Programming & Scripting Resources

The resources available from the link above are part of the Resource Directory, under the Php subcategory of the Programming & Scripting area on  A range of resources are currently available in this part of the directory, including tutorials and tips for Php Programming as well as information and references to many Php Classes and packages that can be used when building websites and web applications using Php.

Some of the tutorials references include how to calculate the difference between dates using Php (7 different methods), configuring custom XML-RPC clients to ping blog and feed directory websites and logging clicks on external links from a website or email campaign, sample scripts to parse XML files, session management using Php scripts and much more.

Php class files and packages listed in the directory include RSS Feed generators, data generators for use when testing websites and database applications, Php classes to integrate your website with a Twitter account and other popular social networking sites, packages for integrating multimedia capabilities into a website, PHP Linq, bug checkers / debuggers, cache managers and also classes that provide a range of functionality to assist with (on page) SEO for pages on your website.  These are only a small number of the types of classes available from the Directory at this point, and the directory continues to grow over time as well.

Php Class & Tutorial Resource Directory

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