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Php FeedWriter is a free class for Php with functionality to generate an RSS Feed from static content, or from dynamic sources such as a database.

Php FeedWriter v3.0 was an update to the RSS2Writer class, which provided capabilities for creating an RSS Feed using Php.  The update to version 3.0 includes the ability to output your feed in a range of common formats including RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 using the same script.  The class has since undergone a number of major and minor updates for improvement in a number of areas.

Php FeedWriter can be used to integrate RSS / Atom Feed features into an existing website or online forum where the functionality is not provided as part of the underlying application.  There are many applications such as PhpBB and many Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) that provide a forum / discussion board or CMS that is rich in functionality, but don’t always provide a method for users to subscribe to forum threads and posts via an RSS or Atom Feed.  Incorporating feed capabilities into a website not only improves the experience for user of your site, but also allows you to submit the feed to Search Engines for use as a sitemap to help content on your site be found and indexed quicker.


Feed Format Abstraction

Php FeedWriter abstracts Feed Formats using a separate internal class used to build a representation of the XML schema for each format.  Validation is also incorporated into the class to help develop a feed that is highly compatible and include the components required to produce a valid feed in each format.


Download Php FeedWriter

Php FeedWriter can be downloaded for free from the website. Free sample scripts are also available to download to assist with creating your feed.


Php FeedWriter Usage Instructions & Tutorials

A range of tutorials are available to assist with building a feed using the class, as well as documentation available from the Php FeedWriter website.

How to Generate Feed Using Php (Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 Compatible) – This is a comprehensive step by step tutorial that uses the Php FeedWriter package to generate a feed that can be displayed in RSS and Atom formats dynamically.

Php Feed Generator – Free Php Class (Custom feed in 5 Simple Steps) – This tutorial works though the minimal steps required to create a feed using Php FeedWriter.  Using this tutorial, you can build a feed from scratch in just five steps.


For more information about Php FeedWriter, a free download of the class and online documentation, please visit the official Php FeedWriter website:

Php FeedWriter

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