Titanium Mobile Android Developer Tutorials & Resources

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See Titanium Mobile Android Developer Tutorials & Resources for links to:

  • Configuring Android SDK and Titanium Developer
  • Titanium Mobile Android Development: First Application
  • Titanium Mobile’s Android development now less painful than Prostate Exam – Mobile SDK 1.8 (!) + Fastdev
  • Titanium Mobile Android Development: Installation
  • Starting with Titanium and Android
  • Titanium Mobile 1.3 Android Preview Part 3: Vertical Layouts
  • Titanium Mobile Programming Guides
  • Titanium Development
  • Build a Titanium Mobile Pizza Ordering App: Crust Selection
  • Developing Native Android Apps with Titanium (Video)
  • Titanium – codecanyon
  • OSCON Titanium Tutorial (Video)


This tutorial walks you through developing and packaging an application which shows information about the device the app is running on: Titanium Mobile Android.

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