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SharePoint 2007 Hosting

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SharePoint 2007 and WSS for Hosting – Collections Site Sorting Out …
SharePoint 2007 and WSS Hosting – Sorting Out Site …

SharePoint 2007 Hosting

MOSS 2007 Hosting (

Managed SharePoint 2007 – WebCentral SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Hosing Services

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL

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Get Central administration Url from Powershell

How to change Central Administration website URL – even after messing up AAM

SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration URL on Multiple Web Front-end Servers

How to find the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL from a client machine: SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL

SharePoint Central Administration:

Recent ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, Security/Attacks, Encoding

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Stackoverflow Recent (21st Aug 2011) Questions with Answers – ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, Security/Attacks, Encoding:

See the Q&A item on Stackoverflow for full details and additional answers.  Comments/questions should also be directed to the linked page.

Razor MVC partial view cannot find end of code blocks and LI tags

I have a partial view that is not rendering:

The designer is telling me the foreach(Dress d in Model) is missing a closing character “}” the foreach(Picture p in d.Pictures) is missing a closing character “}” and the LI item is not closed
[see question on stackoverflow for code]

Mystere Man: Take out hte extra braces, also you have an extra quote in the alt attribute of the img tag, which is probably what is causing your unclosed tag problem. Read More »

VB.NET Namespace

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The following Q&A items from stackoverflow found 21st Aug 2011 relating to Visual Basic .NET Namespaces (with responses/answers).  Please see the Q&A item on stackoverflow for more details and answers, and if you have questions or comments.

Extending a class by namespace

I have a class within a library, with no root namespace, firstone.dll: Read More »

Javascript Query String

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The following provides a range of Javascript functions to manipulate the query string of the current page.

Functions include the ability to find a specific parameter in the query string and return the value if found.  Others include adding and removing parameters, and updating hyperlinks on the current page to include specific parameters and values.  Adding parameters to teh query string is achieved to a browser redirect to the same page including the additional parameters and values.

For more information and the Javascript function code, see Javascript Query String.

Visual Studio LightSwitch – Get Started

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Visual Studio LightSwitch:

Visual Studio LightSwitch

LightSwitch Developer Center

Now you can see firsthand why building business apps has never been easier. Download the free 90-day Trial, watch the LightSwitch Launch Keynote and get general product information on the LightSwitch site.

Visual Studio LightSwitch (MSDN)

Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is a development tool that helps you build business applications quickly. LightSwitch provides a simplified development environment that enables you to concentrate on the business logic instead of the application infrastructure.

Introduction to Visual Studio LightSwitch

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch helps you solve specific business needs by enabling you to quickly create professional-quality business applications, regardless of your development skills. LightSwitch is a new addition to the Visual Studio family. Read More »

Titanium Mobile Android Developer Tutorials & Resources

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See Titanium Mobile Android Developer Tutorials & Resources for links to:

  • Configuring Android SDK and Titanium Developer
  • Titanium Mobile Android Development: First Application
  • Titanium Mobile’s Android development now less painful than Prostate Exam – Mobile SDK 1.8 (!) + Fastdev
  • Titanium Mobile Android Development: Installation
  • Starting with Titanium and Android
  • Titanium Mobile 1.3 Android Preview Part 3: Vertical Layouts
  • Titanium Mobile Programming Guides
  • Titanium Development
  • Build a Titanium Mobile Pizza Ordering App: Crust Selection
  • Developing Native Android Apps with Titanium (Video)
  • Titanium – codecanyon
  • OSCON Titanium Tutorial (Video)


This tutorial walks you through developing and packaging an application which shows information about the device the app is running on: Titanium Mobile Android.

SharePoint 2010 Workflow Tutorials & Troubleshooting

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SharePoint Workflow Tutorials and development resources:

The following is a list of the titles included in the SharePoint Workflow Tutorials post.  A small amount of additional information is included about each on the post linked above: Read More »

Visual Studio Service Pack 1 Download, Information & Installation Instructions

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Visual Studio Service Pack 1 download, information and installation instructions:

Read More »


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Information about the Microsoft fix: KB2519277

Read More »