Apps not Opening on iPhone 4

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I upgraded the software on my iPhone 4 recently which appeared to work as expected.  When I tried using any of the Applications installed on the phone after the update, I found that the apps were not opening.  I tried opening a number of the apps, but the same issue was happening with all of them, where they would start opening, but then close straight away, returning to the home screen.

I did a bit of a search, and found the following article which explained a similar issue and a solution that fixed the problem with my Apps not opening on iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Apps Not Opening (Closing Straight Away)

The solution that fixed this problem allowing apps to open again was to download a new App from the store.  I selected a free app to dowload, which worked fine.  Once it had installed, all other apps were then opening without closing straight away.


Php FeedWriter – Free RSS / Atom Feed Generator Class

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Php FeedWriter is a free class for Php with functionality to generate an RSS Feed from static content, or from dynamic sources such as a database.

Php FeedWriter v3.0 was an update to the RSS2Writer class, which provided capabilities for creating an RSS Feed using Php.  The update to version 3.0 includes the ability to output your feed in a range of common formats including RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 using the same script.  The class has since undergone a number of major and minor updates for improvement in a number of areas.

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Php Programming & Scripting Resources

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Php classes, scrips and other resources for programming and developing using Php.

Php Programming & Scripting Resources

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Developer Text Editors – Developer Resource Directory

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Text editors for programming and development on many platforms with syntax highlighting and many other features to help you write code in various languages.  The list is from the Developer Text Editors (Programming Tools) category from the resource directory.

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DIY Online Marketing / SEO

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There are many ways that you can promote your website yourself, products and services online that reduce the risks involved with outsourcing SEO services.  To maintain growing increases in reputation of your company or website, much caution should be taken when deciding who to market your website, and also if you choose to do it yourself (DIY Marketing).

The following article provides a range of tips that can be used to help when promoting your own products and services, with a focus of submitting useful articles that relate closely to your company, products or services.  Some Article Submission Directories that allow links, which are indexed and followed (do follow) by Search Engines are also provided.

DIY Online Marketing Tips + Do Follow Article Libraries

The article has a focus on promoting SharePoint products and services, but is applicable to any type of legitimate website/company.  A highly recommended resource to read if seeking assistance with online marketing, or alternatives to outsourcing these services.

Tutorial: Create a Custom Atom and RSS Feed using Php

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I found a tutorial explaining how to create custom feeds for your website with Php.  The tutorial walks though the process of building a feed in step by step instructions.  Once created, the feed can be displayed from your website in multiple formats, including Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0.

Tutorial to Create a Custom Atom and RSS Feed using Php

A free class library is utilized to create the feed, which can be up and running on your site in minutes. Links to download the class are also provided as part of the tutorial.

Main Steps:

  • Create a new (empty) feed using the free class
  • Associate information with the feed channel (Optional)
  • Add Items to the feed
  • Output the feed in on of the supported formats

You only need to configure the custom feed once regardless of the output format.  This allows users to select their preferred format which significantly increases compatibility with feed readers.  Formats as old as RSS 0.91 are also supported, although the amount of meta information that can be associated with the feed and specific items is limited.  When you have included information that is not supported by a particular format, it is ignored when producing the XML output to ensure that the feed structure is valid.

Other useful functionality provided by the class includes the ability to customize the supported formats to suit your needs.

Tutorial to Create a Custom Atom and RSS Feed using Php

SharePoint 2007 Hosting

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SharePoint 2007 and WSS for Hosting – Collections Site Sorting Out …
SharePoint 2007 and WSS Hosting – Sorting Out Site …

SharePoint 2007 Hosting

MOSS 2007 Hosting (

Managed SharePoint 2007 – WebCentral SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Hosing Services

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL

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Get Central administration Url from Powershell

How to change Central Administration website URL – even after messing up AAM

SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration URL on Multiple Web Front-end Servers

How to find the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL from a client machine: SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL

SharePoint Central Administration:

Recent ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, Security/Attacks, Encoding

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Stackoverflow Recent (21st Aug 2011) Questions with Answers – ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, Security/Attacks, Encoding:

See the Q&A item on Stackoverflow for full details and additional answers.  Comments/questions should also be directed to the linked page.

Razor MVC partial view cannot find end of code blocks and LI tags

I have a partial view that is not rendering:

The designer is telling me the foreach(Dress d in Model) is missing a closing character “}” the foreach(Picture p in d.Pictures) is missing a closing character “}” and the LI item is not closed
[see question on stackoverflow for code]

Mystere Man: Take out hte extra braces, also you have an extra quote in the alt attribute of the img tag, which is probably what is causing your unclosed tag problem. Read More »

VB.NET Namespace

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The following Q&A items from stackoverflow found 21st Aug 2011 relating to Visual Basic .NET Namespaces (with responses/answers).  Please see the Q&A item on stackoverflow for more details and answers, and if you have questions or comments.

Extending a class by namespace

I have a class within a library, with no root namespace, firstone.dll: Read More »